Restart the WAN load balancer: # restart wan-load-balance Show WAN load balancer information including test types and targets. A character at the start of each line depicts the state of the test (+ = successful, -= failed, a blank indicates that no test has been carried out: $ show wan-load-balance Show connection data of load balanced traffic: Load Balancer for Azure provides advanced Layer 4 / 7 load balancing for the Microsoft Azure Cloud, automatically distributing incoming application traffic across Azure-hosted workloads. Load balancing HTTP endpoints. If you are proxying and load balancing HTTP, then see this page for more details.. Round Robin. The round robin load balancer is not meant to work with failover, for that you should use the dedicated failover load balancer. Overview. For those on a budget or with simple needs, Microsoft’s server operating system includes a built-in network load balancer feature. Windows NLB, as it is typically called, is a fully functional layer 4 balancer, meaning it is only capable of inspecting the destination IP address of an incoming packet and forwarding it to another server using round-robin. Feb 07, 2015 · Stingray / Riverbed Load Balancer / Traffic Manager Wiki. Basic Concepts and Terminology. In a Stingray traffic management system, you configure a Virtual Server object to manage connections from remote clients, and a Pool object to manage connections to your local servers.

In 1997, F5 launched its first product a load balancer called BIG-IP. When a server went down or became overloaded, BIG-IP directed traffic away from that server to other servers that could handle the load. In June 1999, the company had its initial public offering and was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange with symbol FFIV.

Because load balancing distributes the requests based on the actual load at each server, it is excellent for ensuring availability and defending against denial of service attacks. The F5 BIG-IP ® Local Traffic Manager performs load balancing across servers in a single data center. Cloud computing also allows for the flexibility of hybrid hosted and in-house solutions. The main load balancer could be in-house while the backup is a cloud load balancer. Software Cons; When scaling beyond initial capacity, there can be some delay while configuring load balancer software. Ongoing costs for upgrades.

Most load balancer solutions include tools for monitoring server load and appropriately sending requests to the least-busy servers, and performing proper failover. With appropriate hardware this can scale to very large proportions, and achieve very good uptime / consistent performance.

Nginx Plus is an all-in-one web application delivery solution including load balancing, content caching, web server, WAF, monitoring, etc. It provides high-performance load balancer solution to scale applications to serve millions of request per seconds. Traefik. A modern and fast HTTP reserve proxy and LB built with GO.