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How to use "conjunction" in a sentence In conjunction with the asset sale at Grand Island, Cargill Animal Nutrition announced that it will double production at its Duncan, Neb. Designed to work in conjunction with the hooded front sight, the Rotary Diopter Sight System attaches to the receiver's M1913 rail. Coronavirus Updates: WHO Funding Held, Trump To Work 'In Apr 14, 2020 Conjunctions - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary Conjunctions - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary

The subordinating conjunction goes on a dotted line between the two clauses. Learn more about diagramming subordinating conjunctions . These kinds of conjunctions do the same thing that coordinating conjunctions do except that they are always used in pairs.

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Conjunctions are words which connect sentences or groups of words. Some learners know them as connectors or joining words.. One type of conjunction is the coordinating conjunction, which gives equal importance to the words or sentences that it connects.. There are seven coordinating conjunctions: but, or, so, and, yet, for, nor. I like coffee, but my wife prefers tea.

Can the word "then" be used as a coordinating conjunction?. I am confused, because the word seems as if it works as a coordinating conjunction, but I did not see it is classified so. The Cambridge Dictionary Online grammar source classifies it as an adverb and puts it into groups in terms of meaning. Coronavirus Updates: WHO Funding Held, Trump To Work 'In Apr 14, 2020