1. Install Tor. Get the latest version of Tor. If you're on Debian stable, sudo apt-get install tor should give you the latest stable version of Tor. Note: Ubuntu users need to get it from Tor repository. Jun 24, 2020 · The latest iteration of Nextcloud is out and Jack Wallen walks you through installing this on-premises cloud platform on Ubuntu Server 20.04. First, you have to download Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS ISO image from the official website of Ubuntu. To do that, visit https://www.ubuntu.com from your favorite web browser. Then, go to Download > 18.04 LTS as marked in the screenshot below. OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 10.0.2+13-Ubuntu-1ubuntu0.18.04.2) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 10.0.2+13-Ubuntu-1ubuntu0.18.04.2, mixed mode) Install LAMP Server. Next, install Apache web server and MariaDB with the following command: sudo apt-get install apache2 mariadb-server -y. Install PHP with the following command:

I'd like to setup a webserver with the Ubuntu server edition. But I'd like to browse the web with it too, but only with a really simple browser. Is that possible without installing a desktop environment?

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