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The world's biggest celebrities know the ultimate sign of wealth is a private island and there's a whole lot more of them than you ever imagined dropping big bucks on one of their own. Whether it was for their own exclusive vacation spot or a major investment for building a cash-making resort, these celebrities definitely know how to spend Embarrassing celebrity photos - New York Daily News Apr 18, 2018 Top 20 celebrities who showed us their panties if they Aug 14, 2013 Opinion | Amber Heard: Are We All Celebrities Now? - The Nov 04, 2019

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If you're someone who's interesting in the lives of celebrities, I'm sure you've noticed that those same pics just keep on popping up on the Internet. Basically, photos of famous people are just recycled on the Internet. If you want to see something new, check out this list of rare celebrity pics, compiled by Bored Panda.

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